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Face Capture Course Announced

Face Capture
We are pleased to announce that our advanced course, 'Face Capture and Dialogue' will take place on 31st January 2015

This is a Level 2 course and students must take the 'Introduction to Performance Capture' Level 1 course before they can progress onto our advanced courses.

The content will discuss all forms of facial capture technology, capture and ADR techniques & variants, facial animation processes and pipelines and performance techniques to help you understand and appreciate what it takes to be a full performance actor.

Our course aims to explain the pre production and post production processes, problems and requirements that impact on your performance. You'll learn what it takes to give a good performance, in terms of facial quality with examples of what works and what doesn't translate well as a characterized, animation.

The one day practical course allows you to experience how a full performance capture shoot is run, including headcam fitting, 3D scanning, terms and jargon and will provide you with the tools to become an all round full performance actor and bring a character to life using your voice, face and body.

This is not an acting course or voiceover course, and therefore it is necessary to have some experience in acting and / or VO work.

Please see Courses for more info.

See you there!

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