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TMA is one of the few mocap training courses taught by professionals actively working in the field of performance capture and the entertainment industry.
Held at Audiomotion Studios, Europe's leading performance capture facility and provider, the course is designed to offer knowledge and skills training by the people currently involved in live projects and hiring actors for work. 
Some of our contributing artists are featured below:
Neil Newbon Bio:
Neil Newbon is a professional working Actor, with over 12 years of experience in Film, Television and Theatre, in predominately lead or supporting lead roles.
Neil has been a Motion Capture artist and Voice Over artist for over 4 years, working on over a dozen video games for various studios, including amongst others: Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2, Sniper Elite 3,F1 2014, Fables Legends, AAA Title 'Until Dawn' for Super Massive Games, Raven's Cry and Ghost Recon: Future Solider; and has amongst other  projects, voiced various characters including FunCom’s: 'The Secret World'.
Trained at National Youth Theatre and later with the internationally acclaimed Giles Foreman (Drama Centre). Neil has a Method Acting background and is an highly experienced Martial Arts Expert, incorporating Motion Capture dramatic performance with stunts and fight work into his roles. He is also versed in numerous melee and ranged weaponry, from knife work, Katana/Jos to Pistols, Submachine Guns and BMGs.
Neil's comprehensive knowledge and considerable experience in many varied types of production across different media, has enabled him to teach at NFTS an 'Understanding Actors' course and to apply that as a 'Creative Performance Capture Consultant' with the TMA, enabling future Games Developers/ Directors, as well as aspiring Performance capture Artists to better understand their craft and how to get the best out together for their Mocap shoot and the project as a whole.

With his long experience and varied body of work, Neil hopes to contribute to and further, the level of empathy and spell players will feel for the characters they meet in the course of a game's story, as well as the character roles that players themselves will assume and
aspire to inhabit and



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Neil Newbon

I believe, like many, that the Games Industry has long been overlooked, until recent years, as a rich, immersive Art form; an exciting story telling medium, which has still yet to find its creative peak.
Neil Newbon - TMA Tutor
The Mocap Academy - TMA Tutor Neil Newbon


John Dower Bio:


John Dower is a Director with over twenty years experience in Film, Television and Video Games.  He started out as an actor himself, then studied at the Polish National Film Schol in Lodz.


Since graduating with several award-winning films, John has directed a number of short films, Television Drama episodes including "Eastenders" and "Casualty" for the BBC and most recently on several video games titles including the Microsoft & Lionhead "Milo & Kate" project and the latest Bond video game, "007 legends" with Activison/Eurocom.

Bringing a film maker's sensibility into video games, John has directed in Motion Capture studios across the UK and USA as well as directing animation and voice in several games. John teaches character creation and storytelling on the Games Design and Development course at the National Film School (NFTS) and acting for screen at East 15 and ALRA drama schools.

The Mocap Academy - TMA Tutor John Dower
Oliver Hollis Bio:
Since 2001, Oliver has been working consistently as a motion capture performer on over seventy video game and movie titles including Halo, Quantum Break, 007: Goldeneye, Alan Wake, Iron Man 2, Total Recall, Harry Potter, as well as the lead role of Captain Scarlet, in the motion captured TV series, The New Captain Scarlet.
Trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Oliver has both a classical drama school training, and a history of movement skills including martial arts, gymnastics and stunt work.
Oliver's extensive knowledge and vast experience in the field of mocap acting has led to his work as a respected creative performance capture consultant, directing shoots for developers and training actors to work in this new and challenging medium. With over ten years of experience, he carries with him a unique insight into what is a widely unknown field of work.


The Mocap Academy - TMA Tutor Oliver Hollis

Possibly the most widely employed European actor in the field of motion capture, Oliver has worked in mocap studios around the world, including the UK, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Los Angeles.

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